An authentic taste of Dubai

19 Feb
An authentic taste of Dubai

Over nearly two decades in this country, I have been privileged to experience many different iftars (the meal eaten by Muslims to break their fasts after the Ramadan sunsets). A cosy ladies’ majlis one in Masafi with my Emirati friend Amna, where I stuffed myself senseless with her famed leghemaat (a crispy sweet dumpling), lavish restaurant buffets hosted by Arab or Pakistani colleagues who wish to extend the camaraderie of the workplace, informal canteen affairs, and so on. It’s a time when one experiences a true feeling of shared kinship, but it is also followed by moments of regret after one has eaten too many sweets or kababs, with the fervent vow never to do so again — until the next invite.

But outside the home and the UAE’s famous luxury hotels, Ramadan is a different experience.

Tantalising pepper fritters – Ghusais, Dubai

The true foodie knows that the best way to experience the real city is to cruise the streets and pick up sizzling hot treats around 4pm from the small stalls set up just outside restaurants.

Sizzling samosas – Ghusais, Dubai

I cruised the streets with photographer Faisal Khatib who has taken these pixs – we did Ghusais, Hor Al Anz, Jumeira over two evenings.

Jaggery and coconut filled ada – Ghusais, Dubai

The famed reqqaq maker on Jumeirah Road, Dubai

Only to finally wind up at the old Safa Park mosque, which still bears witness to the true spirit and generosity of Ramadan.. The article was published in Gulf News click on  MORE..  ,

But here are glimpses of what I wanted in my piece… the real beauty of Dubai, UAE, which continues to retain the human touch..

Cleaning the grounds before Iftar – Safa Park Mosque, Dubai

Waiting for Maghreb – Safa Park Mosque, Dubai

The true spirit of Ramadan – Iftar generosity at the Safa Park Mosque, Dubai

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