Once upon a time in Mumbaai – review from UAE

07 Aug

It is a struggle to decide who steals the thunder. Ajay Devgn or the new dark horse Randeep Hooda. One smoulders with his one liners while the other reminds you of the old black and white movie days when cops were lean, mean machines with side parting et al.

The movie takes time to explore the nuances of the various relationships in life  – beloved and loved, cops and mafia, ambition and the code of honour among criminals – in a slow buildup of scenes that start to speed up, crisscross lives and culminate in betrayal and death.

Mumbai never looked so once upon a time.. the roads, rains, the heaving Arabian sea, bazaars, old ads on walls. Some street scenes are so familiar for those who grew up in Mumbai, seen violent moments unveil in front of one’s eyes and learnt to avert the gaze.

Kangana loks gorgeous but the odd lisp slows down her intensity. Prachi does a good job of the girl friend who loves Emraan blindly. Emraan strangely lacks conviction in many scenes except as lover.. The music is excellent with Pee Loon taking it to the top.

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